React Riot online hackathon & special opportunity

:alarm_clock: React Riot

Algolia is proud to be a sponsor of React Riot, starting in just a few days. You can still register yourself or a team, and yes, there are prizes! :gift:

We are hosting around 70 hackers in our SF office for 8 hours during the event. Sadly we have reached our limit and can no longer accept more teams, but if this goes well maybe we’ll host again soon.

We’re hoping to see some cool projects built with React InstantSearch, which continues to be under very active development - see the #react-instantsearch tag for the latest news.

:star2: Special opportunity for community members

If you don’t have time to do the hackathon, I have another opportunity for you:

>> Create a React InstantSearch app on Glitch

Create a Glitch app that hackathon participants could remix or use during the competition to try out the library. We’re big fans of Glitch at Algolia and think it’s a great way for developers to get up to speed quickly with new libraries and APIs. For every developer that remixes your React InstantSearch Glitch app during React Riot, Algolia will give you a $25 gift card (limit of $100 total) to your favorite online store. Algolia engineers and Developer Advocates will be more than happy to introduce participants to your apps.

Any questions? Excited? Reply below or see you at the hackathon :metal:

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I just created one.

React Instantsearch Advanced Hits

Not sure how people will find it directly.


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Nice @harshmaur. As far as helping people find it:

  1. You can rename it to something easier to search like basic-react-instantsearch-example
  2. I will gather the #react-instantsearch Glitch apps and share them with the ReactRiot teams and on Twitter
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Okay Renamed it now. Edited the link above.


Here’s the React InstantSearch Material-UI example ported it to Glitch.