Receive how many indexing operations left

I have a question about the api. Is there an option that I can receive how many indexing operations left?

Hey @mateusz.mroz,

Thanks for your question! We have an API call listIndexes that returns a list of your indexes plus associated meta data.

The meta data for each index includes numberOfPendingTasks which is the number of indexing operations left to be completed asynchronously.

Let me know if that properly addresses your request!

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Hello @ajay.david,

Thanks for your answer, but we misunderstand. I want to receive the limit of Indexing Operations from Dashboard by API or the numbers of Indexing Operations that I can still do.

506 / 25,000,000

I mean that bolded number above or bolded number minus normal number.

It can looks chaotic but I think you’re gonna understand me :smiley:

Hi @mateusz.mroz,

Yes, your question makes sense! The statistic of Indexing Operations you see on the Dashboard is made of two components: (1) the total write operations; divided by (2) the total operations quota.

(1) You can obtain the total_write_operations programatically using the Monitoring API as described here

(2) The total operations quota is not exposed via the Monitoring API. However, since it is known to you I hope you will still be able to achieve your calculation.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if any other questions.