Recognizing period symbol in search

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Sorry if this somehow seems like a basic question but I’m new to Algolia and so far haven’t found an answer in the documentation.

I have a search index that includes software frameworks such as .NET and one issue I’m having is that when I enter .NET as a search term, I’m getting any results that happen to include “net” in them, such as NetWare and NetHelp.

.NET is pretty specific so would I solve this issue by using a filter or similar, in order for Algolia to take into account the period symbol at the beginning of the term?

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You can use separatorsToIndex for that, and make sure that . is considered as a letter which matters.

Does that help you?

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@haroen, thanks for your response but the documentation link doesn’t have a context about where to use this index object.

Since it’s a piece of code I suppose it should be placed somewhere in my app, and not in the index settings of the Algolia “dashboard?”

If in my app, I’m using instantsearch JS but currently don’t have an index object defined ( Could you please tell me where I could place this setting? Thanks

That’s a setting for your index, so you set that either via the dashboard, or whenever you set settings to the index. It happens before you search

Thanks - I see this setting now in the dashboard: Ranking -> Advanced Settings -> Optional Words & Separators

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