I have several questions about Algolia Recommend to see if it would fit to my project:

  • It is stated in the docs “All models generate up to 30 recommendations”. Is it possible to have more than 30 recommendations and paginate the results ?

  • Is it possible to filter recommendation results within a certain radius at given coordinates ?

  • Is it possible to remove already recommended products from recommendation results ?

Thank you in advance

Hi @stvm,

30 is the upper limit on recommendations right now for all models. If you can tell me more about your use case the requires more recommendations, I can pass it on to the product team.

If the _geoloc attribute is included in records, you should be able to use geo filters as queryParameters in your Recommend call. However, if you include a geo filter in your call, your results will be sorted by distance first, and then by recommendation score.

Recommend does not currently track whether or not it has previously shown a recommended product to and end user.

The goal was to implement an infinite list of recommended products from algolia. From the most relevant product to the least relevant.

Recommend is designed more for targeted recommendations – either a “top ten” style trend list on the landing/category page, or specific recommendations based on what the user is currently looking at.

For infinite scroll, you could inject a ranking value into the records themselves and then just sort by that value.