Record for each <p> from Markdown

Hello! I am really not good at coding, so I apologise if my question is naive.

I am using GitHub Pages to host a kind ‘wiki’, with variables in the front matter, and descriptive text for each entry. I am not sure if this is normal, but each paragraph in the markdown files gets passed as an individual record in Algolia, which throws off the count in instantsearch significantly. If I define distict: true it fixes the hits found, but the number of records remains high, i.e. 48 real markdown files create 138 records.

Can I create just one record per all text in a markdown file?

If not, how can I show the distict count in my instantsearch UI for each facet? Right now it counts all records

I would reaaaally appreciate any insight into this!!

Thanks!!! :purple_heart:

ahh! found it! facetingAfterDistinct.

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Thanks so much for posting your solution for others to learn from! :slight_smile: