Recreating this UX with Algolia

Hello all,

Hope you’re doing well.

Me and some colleagues will be building an index of drug interactions. This will be Doctors in our country to prescribe medicine that has complex interactions with other medicines (think about HIV medicine).

We found Algolia to be a good solution for us, we will be using React Instant Search Hooks, as our team works with Wordpress/Frontity/React.

As we are working and are all excited, I trying to take a few steps ahead – and check if we are not in the wrong place to get our UX realised.

Usecase: As a Doctor, I need to input on a search bar, all the drug names that my patient is taking. I want to have autocomplete as well as being able to search on multiple drug names at once

What we thought to use here is the “Filtering Results by Tags” functionality Filtering results with tags | Autocomplete | Algolia

My question is:
Do you think that I can add something so, when a hit has been found, that by pressing ‘tab’ or another key that the tag gets applied on the search bar? Otherwise the searcher has to either click a filter icon and it might make it slower.

Do you have any idea on how we could potentially create a similar UX as you can see here:
Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 18.11.06
This would be to ‘capture’ a drug that is not in our database that is being searched for.

Thanks so much in advance.