Redux integration

Redux integration example for react-instantsearch, so that one can have a separate page for filtering related UI’s. Can also be extend to support react-native, where we set filters and submit to trigger the search.

This could be an interesting example to have, thanks for suggesting.

@cto-studiopass Thanks! Since you are a redux user, could you detail a bit more what is your usecase (aside from using redux) in term of UI and how maybe you tried to use redux already with react-instantsearch without success?

We tried to make it so that you could plug any datastore and control the search state of React InstantSearch (

Basically you can store the state of React InstantSearch anywhere and then inject it. You can also get an event when the search state is updated (user refined or clicked).

But still, for now you have to have mounted corresponding widgets so the search state is actually applied. If you are looking for a way to create the search state ( yourself and have it applied that’s something we could do also with a new widget like <ApplyFullState>.

In any way I will need a more detailed usecase/explanation on what you want to achieve and what you tried so far.

Thanks a lot for opening this in the first place.

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