Refine if attribute contains a value that fits in filter range

My app has a objects that represent courses. Each course has an attribute called course_length_in_days that is an array (e.g. a course can be 5 days long or 10 days long). I want a refinement widget for course length with options like (<1 week long, 1-2 weeks long). As long as a course has a length that matches the filter, the course should be shown. I would also like this filter to be a multi-select (e.g. I can select both <1 week long and 1-2 weeks long).

How do I do this using React Instant Hooks? I don’t see a way to do this with a numeric menu, especially since it seems like numeric menu is a single select (please let me know if that’s not the case).

You will want to either roll your own range slider using useRangeSlider() | React InstantSearch Hooks | Algolia (you’ll need to make sure you’re using numeric value like days under the covers) or you’ll want a refinementList for multi-value select (RefinementList | React InstantSearch Hooks | Algolia)

Hmm, how exactly will useRangeSlider help? I can see how it helps if the attribute is a one numeric value but my attribute is a list of numeric values like [5, 10, 15].