refinemenetList values are actually case sensitive when filtered via url

I’m using instantsearch with routing: true.

When I enter the following url in the address bar (filtering by gender - Women), everything works well. http://localhost:8000/c/?ProductVariant_DEV[refinementList][customer_categories][0]=Women

However, when I enter the same url but with lowercase ‘women’, this is what I get:

By the way, lowercase ‘women’ returned the same hits, but the UI is misleading. Is this the expected behavior?

Hi @aragvel99, thanks for reporting. As the engine is case-insensitive for facet values, it could make sense to have the UI case-insensitive too, indeed. I’ll forward to the InstantSearch team.

The provided routing is a simple parse/stringify of the search state and doesn’t (and cannot consistently) do data validation on generic datasets.

We could however handle minimal cases like case sensitivity. I’ll add that to our product ideas and you’ll get notified if we decide to support this.

In the meantime, you can implement this on your website by creating your own routing mechanism. I’d recommend reading our Routing URLs guide.

Thank you. Custom routing solved the issue.