Refinement list: custom default items shown

So I have made a custom UI for refinement with a search that looks something like this:

This all works well and as you can see when searching it gives the correct recommendations.

I am using a custom component using connectRefinementList and basically using the same as in the example. The only customizations are related to visuals.
Here is how I render my component:


Currently the default 6 items that are being shown are the first 6 alphabetically. This is okey but I want it to basically display 6 “hardcoded” values from the list.

Based on my understanding, this has to be done with the Facet display in the index configurations. Maybe I am wrong already on that point.
But here is what I have setup there:

So when I go to the front-end now it is simply not showing anything. Basically the initial 6 suggestions are empty.

Any help would be appreciated. Maybe I am approaching this completely wrong. Thanks