Refinement list is not showing all data

I am creating a refinement list for the following attribute value

I have kept it simple, using only needed param.

Here I have added the Attribute field for faceting as mention for refinement list need.

Here I have defined the attribute field as searchable

This is what I am getting right now?

Why I am getting the empty box even if there are lots of data present in algolia matching those attribute.

can anyone help me, what i am missing here?

Thanks in advance.

does anyone know anything, why it is causing ?

Hi Naveen,

Thanks for reaching out and for asking your question here!

what i am missing here?

It looks like the attribute you passed to attributeName in your refinementList (‘post_author.user_login’) and the one declared as an attribute for faceting in your settings (‘post_author.display_name’) are different, this is likely to be why you don’t get any results. Adding ‘post_author.user_login’ in your attributes for faceting as well as in your searchable attributes should solve it. Let us know how it goes!

Also, are you using the Wordpress plugin? If so, I just want to want to point out that this plugin is still using v1 of InstantSearch, which should not be an issue for your search. Your implementation seemed correct to me in every other way, but in case you are looking for the documentation for v1, you can still find it here:

​If ever you needed to upgrade your version of InstantSearch while still integrating it with Wordpress, you would need to create a custom integration, which you can find how to do here:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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