Refinement Lists

There doesn’t seem to be any examples of how to custom build your own refinementnlists using your connector.

I’m struggling massively understanding how this works, I’m currently going through your github code for your widget to understand how it works, which is not helpful.

Can you please give me a working example of how to customise Refinement Lists using a connector for filtering products. The case I’m trying to customise for is colours on a filtering container.

Hi @max.lynn,

Thanks for the feedback! We are in the process of re-writing our documentation. One of the goal of this project is to have examples for each connectors.

The connector use the High Order Component pattern to abstract the logic of the search and let you only implement the view of the widget. You can find more information inside our documentation. Here is an example that shows how to create a RefinementList with the connectRefinementList connector.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have questions!