Rehydrate Hierarchical Menu and Breacrumb once on article Page


I have the following use case. I’m using React InstantSearch.

I have an article Page which have a hierarchical menu and breadcrumb.

The url of the article is (/faq/article/:articleID).

I want the Breadcrumb and Hierarchical Menu display the right category and subCategory based on the one attached to the fetched article data.

The fetch article response contains the category and subCategory.

I cannot see how to perform that.

Best regards

Hi @thierry.lau,

The hierarchicalMenu widget is best used in conjunction with a full results page, where you trigger a search.

It appears you are showing a specific article page. As you noted, your fetch directly from your database already has the required information for display of this article details.

Consider standard HTML/CSS to display this, as it does not appear related to a search results page. If we are misunderstanding your goal, please let us know .

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Thx for your answer.

I think my mistake is to use hierarchicalMenu without a full results page.

I wanted to avoid to recode the hierarchical menu but I think I have no choice but to recode it.

Best regards

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