Remove extra divs/classes that gets automatically generated


My application is fairly complex and I will be using connectors for most of the components since I want to style them differently.

I was looking if I could disable all the classes and extra divs that the library generates and only leaves me with the core.

Is it possible?
@vvo @marielaure.thuret

Hi @harsmaur!

I’m not sure to see which classes you’re referring for. If you’re using our connectors, you shouldn’t have any of our markup.

Also, there’ll be always one wrapping div around a widget has its a React behaviour.

Maybe you could provide us a small example illustrating your issue?

Thank you!

I am talking about the class “ais-InstantSearch__root” and you are right, on connecting no other markup is generated.

Anyway I think its fine, an extra div outside is just React behavior. We can close the issue :slight_smile: