Remove Filter Using Rule

I’m trying to write a rule which will expand a user’s search beyond a single fixed category. I’m able to get the condition right using:


but I can’t seem to write a consequence that breaks outside that restriction. Replacing the query doesn’t work, nor does adding new filters.

I have the filterPromotes set to False, which should allow results outside the original request, but every test continues to show just the results that match the condition (or zero results).

A simple example of a rule that removes a filter or replaces/extends a filter would be super helpful.

Thank you!


I can add filters in the consequence, but they are still constrained by the original filter, so this doesn’t expand the results like I would expect:

rule = {
“conditions”: [
“filters”: “domain:mydomain”
“consequence”: {
“params”: {
“filters”: “domain:myotherdomain OR domain:mythirddomain OR domain:mydomain”
“filterPromotes”: False
“enabled”: True,
“objectID”: “qr-1639420208123”

I tried with filterPromotes as True, just in case the docs had that backward and the results were identical.

I appreciate any advice/help!

You’re doing well work