Remove results by matching path

Hey all, sorry if this has been covered before; I searched and couldn’t find a conclusive answer.

I’d like to remove or hide all results with “tags” in the URL path— for instance, “” and “”.

Is this possible?

EDIT: It is possible, I’m a dingus for missing this one! Simply add this meta tag for each page you’d like omitted: <meta name="Algolia crawler" content="noindex">

Hi @RTHinkel, I’m not sure I understand. Is the url in one of the attributes on your Algolia index? If so, you can’t filter on a partial value. You would need to add another attribute that indicates the url has tags so that you could filter on that new attribute, or you would need to filter these after you receive the results in your own code.

Cindy, I appreciate the response— I figured out a solution. I’ll update with my result for future reference. Thanks again for your help!

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I ended up putting this bit in my header area:

{{if or (eq .Kind "taxonomy") (eq .Kind "term") }}

<meta name="Algolia crawler" content="noindex">


This correctly added the no index flag for all taxonomy related pages

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