Removing some categories from search results?


is it possible to hide some categories or category levels from search results?
For example we have
products / type of furniture / table
category tree and I’d like to remove the products part from all the results.

Also the “All departments” sounds a bit weird … any way to rename that at least?



Hello Thomas,

currently the extension doesn’t provide the possibility to remove products certain categories from search results.
What you can do however is to create a custom code and hook it to algolia_before_products_collection_load custom event and modify the products’ collection there to not to fetch those products and therefore those products won’t be indexed.

Is that doable for you?

About all departments - one way is to rewrite it in translation file or you can rewrite it in configuration.phtml file directly.
As of today we don’t have a custom event for modifying the configuration, but it’s coming in new version. Then you won’t have to override it directly, but will be able to hook your code to custom event and modify it from there.

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