Removing Vendor and Product form search results


Apologies if this is a basic question but how do I define what content is displayed in our search results?

I need to remove the vendor and product type from our search results if possible?


Great product by the way


Hi @mike2,

Given you posted in the Shopify category, i’m assuming you are indeed using our Shopify integration.

You can customize the display by updating your template files.
The documentation about customizing the frontend is here:

Let us know if that helps, and feel free to be a bit more specific about what issues you are experiencing.



Yes - using the Shopify integration - will have a look. Thanks.

In terms of what I need to remove from the search results is the line in grey below - School uniform by Blue Max Banner - this is listed as Vendor and Product type which we don’t need to display…

If you have any quick solutions do let me know



Do you mind sharing a link to your website?
Chance are you can simply hide that field with CSS.

Sadly its on a test theme at the moment so I can’t send you the link

Thank you though


Maybe sharing a screenshot of the dom structure of the element you want to hide might help us give you some guidance.

Basically what I have in mind is is using:

.vendor-selector {
  display: none;

is this it?

Yes, so you can add the following to your CSS file:

.aa-product-info {
  display: none;

Let me know if that does the trick.

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Will give that a go!

Thanks for your help