Replacing existing google places autocomplete API to Algolia

Hi Team,
Replacing existing google places autocomplete API to Algolia even though using Google Maps to locate the coords.
I am using Google maps alongside algolia where I have an index ‘locations’ with ‘lat’ and ‘lng’.
I am getting user location and watching position, I am also displaying markers from the database based on lat and lng. Example: the lat and lng from google are of the location 1176 bishop street, Montreal are 45.4954,
-73.5747 whereas Algolia provides 45.4983,-73.5801 respectively. which 0.5km away from the actual coords

  • it doesn’t center the map on the coords.
    Appreciate the solution.

Hi @nisha,

I understand that you are using Google Maps API together with Algolia, but I am not able to understand your exact issue.

If I understand correctly, You are using GoogleMaps to display the map and markers, and you have an index where each record has coordinates and you want to display some of this record on the map, is that correct?

Could you please give us an example of a query you would like your users to be able to perform, how they could perform this query, and the result you would expect as opposed to what you get?

It would be very useful for us to help you if you could reproduce your set up in a code sandbox environment so that we can see the issue. You can find boilerplate sandboxes to get started here: