Replica index not allowed with this API key

I’m trying to setup replica indices via algolia’s API (through the algoliasearch-django plugin). I’m using an API key to run the application, which is set with a full set of ACL permissions on any index.

When I run the set_settings method on the primary index that I want to create replicas for, I’m hit with the error:

Replica index not allowed with this API key

It looks like no matter what permissions I apply to the API key, I’m unable to set these settings without using an admin key (which I’d gladly avoid).

Any suggestions?

From what I can see in the dashboard and the docs there is no ACL specifically for replicas. This means (I can find nothing written confirming nor denying) the only way to create a replica via the API is with the admin key.

I think having an ACL specifically for replicas it potentially a desirable thing.

We also got this error today. Previously everything was working. Did Algolia change something today? It was working today.

The master “Write API Key” works but this won’t do because that wouldn’t be safe.

We’ve found the issue in our case: it was an incorrect prefix prepended to index name