Required parameter 'theme_dir' was not passed error getting after Algolia installed in Magento 2.3.5

I have successfully installed Algoloa search in Magento 2.3.5, and when I do setup:upgrade first it works. But if I do second time setup:upgrade, it’s not finishing and showing this error “Required parameter ‘theme_dir’ was not passed”.

Please advise

Hi @greatrin, I’m not sure this error is from Algolia. Could you provide a stack trace?

This error is just showing when running the setup:upgrade, if I remove the extension it works perfectly. Please see the below error screenshot

Have you removed your theme directory (theme_dir) or made any changes that might have caused it to be deleted? also when you try switching to a different theme are you still seeing the issue?

We are facing the same issue.

Exactly same issue we have verified database design table and theme table those looks good. Haven’t touched any other areas, and the frontend is working very well. If I uninstall this module, setup:upgrade works as usual.

Note: We are using a theme called Porto from Smartwave

We are also using same theme porto.


Unfortunately, the Magento2 extension is not compatible with Porto Theme out of the box yet.
It’s in our backlog to look at it, but if in the meantime, if you have any useful information, feel free to share them here or submit a PR on the github repo :

Thanks for understanding.