Resetting filters when using ais-configure

I’m new here to Aloglia, my first week trying it, I love it so far, great product.

I have a quick question:

<ais-instantsearch #instant [config]=“searchConfig”>
<ais-configure #configure [searchParameters]=“searchParams”>
<ais-infinite-hits #ngAisInfiniteHits>

I’m using <ais-configure #configure [searchParameters]=“searchParams”> to pass dynamic filters.
They work on initial load or when I refresh, but not when I change them on the fly.

So, I was wondering if there is any idea to reset the search and those filters to update the hits.
PS. I added my list of attributes for faceting

Thank you!

Hi @nadhir.falta,

If I correctly understood your question you want to be able to dynamically update the searchParameters provided to the ais-configure widget. Is that correct? I built an example that show how to update them.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have questions.

@samuel.vaillant turned out I had some issues with my component, but your example was very helpful, I stole some ideas from it :smiley:
Thank you Sam! I appreciate the fast reply.