Resized images in dashboard & demos: can we use them?

When I first saw the resized thumbnail images in the dashboard, I thought that was cool that Algolia was doing that, but I saw the URLs and decided it was for ‘internal’ use only.

Now I created a UI demo and I see that the thumbnail URLs would be easy to construct, but they only seem to work when the image has first been accessed through the demo.

These resized images - especially the 160px ones - would be super useful to use in my app. Are we allowed to use them? If so, how could we get the URLs of the 160px ones, and what would be the recommended way to initially render them?

Hi @ken2 can you give me an screenshot or let me know which images you are talking about exactly? Where are you seeing these?

I have a field in each record called ‘image’. Algolia displays it intelligently, both on the dashboard and in a UI demo.

For the UI demo, we can specify the image field to be used. I think ‘image’ was detected automatically :

With the dashboard, I’ve seen Algolia use a field called image, as it does here. In another index where there was no ‘image’, Algolia displayed my ‘avatar’ field:

A dashboard image url:

And a UI Demo one:

As mentioned above, it’s not enough to just add an image URL after /80/… it needs to be first viewed via the demo.

It is best to resize images on your server and add them as metadata in the index.

If that is not possible, use an on the fly image resizer service such as cloudimg. Carefull you will pay per operation of view.

I agree that we should resize the images ourselves. Clearly, at the present time, the images are not intended to be used in our search results and their continued availability could not be relied upon.

A CDN solution like cloudimage should be pretty cheap as the thumbnail images served by Algolia weigh in at ~6kb or so, which leads me to think that Algolia could offer this - perhaps depending on the user’s plan.