[RESOLVED] 'hits' Not Returning Full Record Despite Searchable/Retrievable Attributes Being Set

[Update] This issue is resolved. Keeping here in case anyone else makes the same error I did and this is helpful to them. Error was typo in the client-side index configuration setting, ‘attributesToRetreive’.

Hi – ‘hits’ returned for queries I submit to my index are not returning all searchable and retrievable attributes. Anyone see what I’m doing wrong? Specifically, ‘displayName’ is not being retrieved (except for in the ‘_highlightResult’ field, which is not what I need). All thoughts welcome. Thanks.

(1) Searchable Attributes are set

(2) Attributes to Retrieve are set

(3) There’s a record in my index

(4) ‘hits’ returns an incomplete record…
Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 4.06.44 PM

Thanks for any help with this.

Hey @ethan1, that’s strange indeed. Would you mind sending us a note with your appID to support@algolia.com as well as Algolia support access? 7 days or more of read access would be great so we can try to reproduce and investigate. Thanks in advance!

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Resolved. :neutral_face: – client-side config was set incorrectly. Will close. Thanks for your help.

Glad you solved it! Thanks for letting us know.

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Solution: There was a typo in client-side index setting, ‘attributesToRetrieve’.