Responsive instantsearch UI widgets

I checked the instantsearch demos & examples to see if the UI widgets are mobile responsive by default. However, none of the sample pages provided here is mobile responsive. Where can I find an instantsearch demo where the widgets are optimized for mobile web and responsive for all screen sizes?

The reason I am looking for such a demo is that I have limited Front End capabilities and don’t want to deal with HTML and CSS when building a search experience with InstantSearch.

Hi @berkaysoyer, it’s true our demos are not responsive by default and I just passed the feedback to the InstantSearch team.

In the meantime, know that InstantSearch is platform agnostic at the moment. Any widget from our libraries can be used in a desktop or mobile experience. The layout you will build will be the key part of any responsive experience. So build your website just as you would build any other website and inject InstantSearch widget in your website as needed.

If you want, you can also completely change the DOM of every widget if you need it for responsive issues by using connectors:

Let us know how it goes, thanks!

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I am in the same situation, so responsive demo would be great. Please update this thread when that happens!