Restric variants

Hi, this is my algolia setup: I’m syncing products from shopify and implemented a custom front end for my app. Everything is working as expected, but since my Products have Color and Sizes, I’d like to restrict to only show different color variants for products and hide sizes. Is this possible?

Hi @alberto, You may need to customize your Shopify instant search page to remove the other facet for sizes. You can learn more about customizing the search results for Shopify here.

Hi @cindy.cullen, thanks for your reply, but I still couldn’t make it work, I already have the frontend configured, with Instantsearch, searchbox, and hits components with react. Everything is working, but couldn’t find the way to restrict size variants and only show all colors.

These are the attributes coming from shopify, should I use them as attributes for faceting? I couldn’t find the right sintax to use with them with Configure component:














I found this thread, wich is exactly what I’m looking for,

So, I guess I’ll have to create a named tag or metafield to achieve this, right?

Hi @alberto Yes thats right, essentially the new attribute will be a combination of the product id and in your case the colour, then you can use this to deduplicate your results whilst still showing the different colours.