Results counter not match pagination counts

we are using instance search JS library , everything works fine but the issue is with filters counters and pages number in pagination it is less than filter counter
for example category women have (4123) product, but 45 product in each page, pages number in pagination is 23 .

45 * 23 = 1035 while the filter counter is Women ( 4123 ) there is missing around 3090 products

Hello @qasem.alomari,

From the Algolia documation about pagination (

By default, Algolia limits the maximum number of hits that can be retrieved via a query to 1000. This restriction is in place to not only guarantee optimal performance, but also to ensure your data cannot be easily extracted. For the vast majority of use cases, the default of 1000 hits is more than enough.

This is why there is only 23 pages showing even if there is more results matching the filters. You can override this setting on your index easily by following the documentation:

Is this solving your issue?

Cheers, Maxime.