Results disappear after adjusting the min or the max in the Range Slider at all

Will somebody please explain to me why this codesandbox works…

But if I edit it to use a field from my Algolia index instead, all the results disapear after adjusting the min or the max in the Range Slider at all. Here is a codesandbox that I created from the one I linked previously to show you exactly what I mean…

I made sure that everything was imported to Algolia as a number and not in an array. I have spent way too long on something that seems like it should just work considering that it is able to find the min and the max value without any problem. It seems like it has to be something inside my Algolia settings but I can’t find anything.

Can anyone please help me figure this out, it is driving me crazy & I don’t know what else to even try. It seems like it should be working and I can’t understand why it is not. There must be something I am missing…



Hi! Could you check if you have properly set a facet in your index settings on the attribute handled by the range slider? You’ll find the facet settings of your index in your Algolia Dashboard, under “Configuration > Filtering and Faceting > Facets”.

Also, I checked your codesandbox, and it seems to be working for me (the results don’t disappear when handling the range slider). Have you fixed the issue already?

Thank you!

I had to remove the quotes from all my numbers.