Retrieve only objectID that is searched

Hello there,

We are almost ready to go to market with our React native applications and I am just trying to solve an issue.

We want to be able to search our product codes and our product codes are also our objectID’s.

Now I have added objectID as a searchable attribute and facet in configuration and it’s working and return the product code we are searching for right to the top.

The issue is it’s also displaying a heap of other hits underneath.

I want to only display the objectID that is being searched.

I was thinking is there someway to use a conditionless rule to automatically filter out the other hits?

Or is there someway of filtering that it only returns the 1 hit with that actual objectID and nothing else?

Any help on this would be really apricated.


I’d look at retrieved attributes in your configuration panel.
Documentation says that the default is “*” (all attributes)

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 10.40.56