Return Algolia Places when querying results


I’m developing a backend server (in Laravel) that stores “venues” along with lat/long position.

Now in the client apps (Android/iOS) there will be a search box, the search will look up for venue information but I’d also love that search for places/location for example:

search query: new york


  • venues: New York place 2, Plaza New York, New Plaza and so on.
  • places: New York (city), New York #340 (street), and so on (like in Google Maps apps)

Now the venue search part is easy (with Laravel Scout) because i have the data, but I don’t know how to pull map data that doens’t exist in my database (like the one shown in Algolia Places), so, how could I use that data to return it to my clients?

I was thinking making api calls to the Google Maps/Places API to get results but I’d like to know if there is a better way.

Hi @kennyhorna

First, I’m sorry for the late reply… what solution did you used in the end?

If you want the same benefits of Algolia on your data (typo-tolerant, synonyms, fast, etc.) then you could index your custom data in an index, and simply use the multi-query example:

Or you could use the REST API: perform the two queries in parallel in your backend to your DB and to the Algolia Places endpoint.

Does that make sense?