"Reverse Ordered?" | Consider matches at the END of attribute more relevant

Algolia has the concept of “ordered” and “unordered” modifiers to searchable attributes. “Ordered” meaning that matches at the beginning of an attribute are more relevant than matches towards the end. “Unordered” meaning all matches are equal regardless of their position in the attribute.

What I’m looking for is a sort of “reverse ordered” modifier that considers matches at the end of an attribute more relevant than those at the beginning or middle.

Here’s the use case that sent me down this line of thinking:
I’ve found that the product name attribute of many of the objects in our index follow a distinct adjective+adjective+noun structure (e.g. European Style Unsalted Butter).

If I could order set the attribute to “reverse ordered” than results for the keyword search “butter” would rank “European Style Unsalted Butter” higher than a product named “Apricot Pepita Nut Butter Bar” (because the former ends with the exact keyword).

Does this exist? If not, can I recommend this be added as a configuration option?