RGB/LAB Color Search + Google Vision terms of 6000+ posters

Color Search:
— Search is actually done in LAB color space so ranges are closer to human perception;
— Colors extracted from Google Vision API, considering the dominant colors;
— Query using filters of Algolia api (FROM TO ranges);

Full text Search
— Just type any term, it includes author’s input, poster details, and terms extracted from Google Vision API too;

The website platform is:
— Full Vue.js SPA front end (admin areas too);
— Backend Laravel;
— Database MongoDB Atlas;
— Images imgix;

Wish Algolia had a random query. We have a valid use here, everytime the page is open with no queries we want random results so the users discover different posters. Currently it is done in MongoDb, but Algolia is faster.

Although I understand random results go against Algolia purpose of finding the most relevant result for the user, it just our decision as developers and the application in hand to use the random search the most appropriate way:


Thanks for posting to Show and Tell!

It’s great to see your stack and implementation. As for your request for a random query - I’ll be sure our team sees this suggestion.

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Thanks Jason! Glad you will forward the request. It would be a great addition to Algolia features.

By the way, love Algolia! My first project with yet. Had the best experience with the service.

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I’m happy to hear that you’re happy.

We’re all :ear: in case you have feedback in any way going forward.