RSS output in Algolia Search API

I’m trying to set up an RSS reader for Algolia Hacker News Search:

The reader needs RSS input and Algolia API returns only JSON.

I tried setting “Accept: application/rss+xml” and more, like “Accept: application/rss+xml, application/rdf+xml;q=0.8, application/atom+xml;q=0.6, application/xml;q=0.4, text/xml;q=0.4”. API still returns JSON.

Is there a way to request an RSS response?

Hi there,

Algolia API will always return json but convert json to XML is no big deal. I’m on my phone but if Google doesn’t provide you a way, I’ll put a link asap.

Which language are you using?

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I can manage that.

Any plans to support other structured feeds? JSON Feed or JSON-LD schema?

Glad to hear that.

I don’t work @Algolia but I’d be surprised that other outputs are planned. Only an Algolians can answer you thought :wink:

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