Rules quota exceeded. Please contact us if you need an extended quota

I am having below error on algolia configuration / reindexing:
“Rules quota exceeded. Please contact us if you need an extended quota.”


9,228 / 50,000


11,914 / 250,000

Current plan STARTER

50.00K records$25.00
100.00K operations $10.00

can you please let me know why i am facing this error even my quota has not reached to maximum limit.


Hi there @ti1,

I believe we answered you via email, but in case helpful for the wider community we’ll post here as well.

This error message occurs when the Algolia for Magento integration tries to create more Query Rules than your plan permits (FAQ: Error: Rules quota exceeded). Your Algolia plan determines the max number of Query Rules you can set. On the Starter plan there are no Query Rules.

Try to reduce the number of Query Rules you use by going to your facet configuration:

  • For Magento 1, in the Magento admin, navigate to System > Algolia Search > Configuration > Instant Search Results Page > Facets

  • Toggle the “Create Query rule?” option to “No” for each one facet or reduce it down to less than what your current plan allows

  • Clear the configuration cache and reindex

If still an issue, send us the value in the core_config_data table for your database for the path “algoliasearch_instant/instant/facets”. Y ou can run the following SQL:

  • SELECT * FROM core_config_data WHERE path = “algoliasearch_instant/instant/facets”

The output of this command may reveal a “create_rule” that could be overlooked.

Last, depending on your context, use case and feasibility, is to upgrade your plan to an Enterprise plan. Let me know, and I will put you in contact with the relevant persons to do so. You can read all our pricing options here:

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