SafeReindexingError with DocSearch

We launched DocSearch for (the Chromium browser website) about a month ago, as a prelude to switching to a new site stack that used DocSearch for searching.

We’ve now launched the new site, and it looks like the first DocSearch crawl after launch (and a subsequent re-crawl) are both failing, with the following error message:

The new site has far fewer pages than the old site (the old site had multiple URLs that held the same content, and various activity logs, etc.), so I would not be surprised if we had fewer records in the new index, but the “0” in the number of records looks alarming, as if something is just broken.

I have not found any mention of this sort of error in the docs, and I’ve tried to contact support but not gotten a response yet.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance,

– Dirk

(Dirk Pranke,

Hi Dirk!

Checking with the DocSearch team to see the best path forward here. Zero record is concerning. Is it possible you need to change the crawler configuration to match the new site?

Do you need to index for the old site and the new site to be live concurrently or is this a swap over? I’m wondering if it makes more sense to treat this is a net new site for DocSearch.

DocSearch team got back quickly – your crawler is configured to look for #sites-canvas-main which doesn’t exist in the new site. You’ll need to update your crawler configuration to reflect the shape of the new site:

Thank you! I’ll try to fix things (and sorry for the delay in responding to acknowledge this).

– Dirk