Same search experience as Algolia docs search

I want to use the widget Algolia uses for their docs. Press “cmd+k” and get the clean search with organized results and the panel. Do I have to build it from scratch? I can’t find any good “plug-and-play” examples that look similar to this. If it’s React even better.


The search experience Algolia features on their documentation is not exposed as a plug-and-play package.

However, as explained in this article released recently about this new documentation search, “We’re also working on bringing all the features of the new Algolia documentation search into Autocomplete in the form of plugins. This way, you’ll be able to create a similar experience with your DocSearch-powered documentation site, or using the library directly.”

Hope this helps,

Thank you. This helps.

Hi there!

The search of the Algolia documentation site is built using the alpha version of Autocomplete v1. We’re just about to ship it as a stable version, and we have a tutorial that explains how to reproduce our documentation search that will come out right after. Hang tight :slightly_smiling_face:

As you can see on the Autocomplete documentation, Autocomplete perfectly integrates with React, so you’ll be able to use it seamlessly in your React codebase.

Thanks for your patience, we’ll let you know on this forum as soon as this comes out!