Search All Results if Search in Refinement is Empty?

I’ve searched everywhere, but I’m surprised nobody has this issue. If a user has already selected a specific Refinement, and then searches for something, even if the item exists in the entire index, Algolia sends back “No results.”, if the item is not in the particular refinement that is set at the time on the front end. You need to “Clear Refinements” in order to search again for the item, and then the item is found.

This is obviously a terrible UI, b/c the item does actually exist in the search index…it just doesn’t exist in the current refinement. Most users will not realize that and will figure that your site doesn’t have the item. So, how do we design Instasearch, so that if the item searched for doesn’t exist in a particular refinement, the search will do a sort of “backup” check of the entire index to find the result. I guess this is about, programatically clearing refinements if there are no results.

As a sanity check, I’ve gone to many popular websites, like Amazon, and searched thru a filter (refinement), and then searched for an item that is not in the refinement. The search will always search the entire website, not just the active filter. It’s strange that Algolia doesn’t work this way, and the site search always searches within a refinement, as opposed to the entire index.