Search and Category pages go broken frequently

We are using Algolia for search and category pages for our website

We just updated to latest version of Algolia and we are facing following issues:

  1. We recently noticed frequent issue with Algolia index building process. Products get synced in “magento_default_products_tmp” but then took long, sometime didn’t work at all, to sync to main index “magento_default_products”, thus causing broken category/search pages as we have category and search page built on Algolia.

  2. New option “Algolia Search - Delete inactive products” never index. See screenshot.

  3. Whenever we try to save configuration, we are getting below error: “An error occurred while saving this configuration: Rules quota exceeded. Please contact us if you need an extended quota.”


Hello @isaac1,

you seem to have set Algolia config to create query rules for Facets.
Can you turn off creating Query rules for facets and save the configuration? It’ll save it correctly.

When it’s saved, reindex your products again :slight_smile:

@jan.petr , we have set “No” to “Create Query rule?” but we still see “Reindex Required” message on Index Management page. See the attached image.

Hello @isaac1,

this indexer is not essential and should be use only when your search displays products, which are not supposed to be indexed - like deleted or disabled ones.

If it doesn’t happen for you, then you can ignore this indexer :slight_smile:

Okay… then I think everything is good. Error probably would occur only when we delete or disable product from indexing as we are ignoring the required indexer.

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