Search-as-you-type doesn't make sense if the user type Chinese pinyin

When typing Chinese in the instantsearch SearchBox, people usually use pinyin input. For example, to type 北京 (Beijing), we type “bei’jing” then press the “enter” key, and this is how we get 北京.

The problem is: since the Searchbox has the feature of search-as-you-type, so that it sends a lot of search requests when I type:

  • b
  • be
  • bei
  • bei’j
  • bei’ji
  • bei’jin
  • bei’jing
  • 北京

Only the last one makes sense because, unlike English, it makes no sense to search these intermediate pinyin, such as b, be, beij, bei’j, etc.

Is there a way to configure the instantsearch so that it only sends the search request with 北京?


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Hi there, thanks for your post!
At this moment, Algolia does not have a feature to achieve this. The as-you-type search of the Chinese language requires some additional features like transliteration between pinyin and Chinese characters, which is not yet available on the engine.
I’m passing your request to the product team for future improvement.