Search Box No Results, API Via CURL Returns Results

I am new to the product and trying to get Algolia working. I am working with a 1:1 forked version of the Hugo Doks theme. The search is working fine on his web version (seen here Introduction - Doks ), though its not on my forked one ( Introduction - Doks ) and GitHub - TempusOwl/ Doks website . I changed over all the API credentials as needed, but I believe I am making an error somewhere in the setup transitioning the themes indexes/creds to my own account that I am not seeing. I used the Netilfy Plugin to build the indexes with the crawler. I am able to CURL and return good results back with the credentials I have in the project. Only thing I have to go off is an console error " Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: can’t access property “lvl1”, a.hierarchy is undefined " though I have been unable understand what this means, it seems related to URL issue but I am unable to trace what URL its referring to.

Everything else is working just the Algolia search is giving me a hard time, any help is appreciated.