Search by day without hours and minutes in timestamp

I have an event calendar app. I’d like to get records for full dates, without hours and minutes. Type all records from 2019-06-23 (1561248000). I’m trying but the records only appear after the hour and minutes.

.setFilters("eventoFim_timestamp > "+timestamp)

Hello @laelsonc. This is the correct way to filter by date (
What do you mean by “the records only appear after the hour and minutes”, this is not really clear to me. Could you give us an example? You can also let us access to your application so we can reproduce there and better help you :slight_smile: You can modify access settings here: Keep in mind your data remains safe and no one outside of Algolia will be able to access it. You can revoke access anytime.

For example, I need to get all record of a certain date. When I search timestamp at a certain time of day, type half a day, records that are timestamp recorded in the morning do not appear. I need all records of the exact day. Is there any more direct way or do I have to build my search timestamp type 2019/06/23 00:00 to 2019/06/23 23:59 to catch all of the period?

Indeed you have to build your own timestamp range.

What you can do in this case is computing the timestamp of the first time of the day. For 23/06/2019 it is 1561248000. Then you can compute the next bound which is 1561248000 + 86400 = 1561334400 which is the timestamp of the next day.
Now your filter would be: timetamp >= 1561248000 AND timestamp < 1561334400.

Does that help?

That’s it. Thank you.