Search does not find words in description

Hi, when my users search for specific words in product description, Algolia does not find related products even though I have indexed Description.

It only finds products that have this word on their product name. I am using the latest version of your plugin.

I am not an expert with Algolia (yet) - but in order for this question to be answered, we will need to know I little bit more information, including…

  1. What type of implementation you are using (autocomplete, instant search, custom)
  2. What is your ranking formula?

If you show 10 results, and the ranking formula has the title first, it will show the first 10 results using title before searching the description, since you have chosen to rank title before the description. Changing your Ranking Formula will certainly modify the results, maybe try to use Description as the #1, or #2 priroty in your ranking.