Search for a day with a time period

HI, am wonder if is it possible to search by a day example (Sunday) with a period of time example (10:30 , 15h30) and the request will be Sunday , if it searched period ( 11:00 , 15:00 ) is contained in (10:30 , 15h30)


While I don’t believe any of Algolia’s clients support this functionality out of the box, it is something you could add by doing some parsing before sending the query to Algolia. For example, when a User selects a start date and a time period you can convert these date strings to UNIX timestamps and pass this as a refinement.

There is an example you can find of this here - this example also shows how to integrate a custom date picker component you would need for this as well.

Which InstantSearch client are you using? I can try to help provide some sample code if you’d like.