Search for all results with ANY words in query, not ALL words in query

So I am using Algolia with my informational Jekyll site. Currently, my algolia search is returning results that contain all words in a query. I have the “allOptional” setting enabled but my problem isn’t if words don’t return any results. My problem is that I want it to return all results that contain ANY of the words in the query, not ALL of them. For example - the information has to do with researching beer types - a sample query would be “Belgian Sour” - I would like it to return all Belgian results and all Sour results, not just “Belgian+Sour” results. I only have about 40-50 pages so this is to increase users being able to find exactly what they are looking for, or something similar (for example browse all of my belgian beer info, not just sours)

Is something like this possible?

Hi there,

Actually the behavior of removeWordsIfNoResults only kicks in when there are no results. But in your case you have some results, so the behaviour is not triggered. However there is a way to implement that using a different search time parameter: optionalWords. We have a small guide dedicated to this topic.

Have a great day!