Search for bigger objects


I was reading that FAQ:

I would like to know if it is possible on algolia:

I have many products (40.000) and each products can belong for thousands of store…

if I have 1000 stores, I would have 400.000 records? Because If a filter products by an array of values of each ID of store, it would be much bigger than 10kb each record.

is it possible do a marketplace on algolia where stores have the sames products?

is it better create an index for each store?

Hi there,

For marketplace use-cases, I would recommend to do one index per store, that will allow you to have more flexibility.
For example having different ranking, synonyms, query rules, …, depending on the store.

Then if you want to to index records with a big array of store, it is also doable but might require you to move to a business or enterprise plan. I would advise you to contact support at algolia dot com and tell us more about your use case so we can advice you what option could fit you the best