Search for encoding errors

I need to locate some items with encoding errors. One way to do this might be to search for “Ô or “é” but even with typo tolerance set to false, these characters are interpreted as “A” or “AC” respectively.

Any ideas?

Hey @ken2 you can disable this behaviour. Check this keepDiacriticsOnCharacters | API parameters | API Reference | Algolia Documentation

Let me know if this works.

Thanks Harsh, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

I’m using it in the dashboard where my facets are all available and help to spot the sources of the errors.

That’s a nice little trick! But I think it would be much faster if you preprocess the errors before you insert in algolia. You might be having a pipeline through which you push records in Algolia index. That pipeline is a good candidate to detect such errors.


I’m sure if I had asked this on Stackoverflow I’d have had answers like “have you ever thought of not having encoding errors in the first place?”

Moving all our backend systems to Python 3 should help.

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