Search for ferry schedule (search by city, then limit per city)

I’m doing my first mini project with Algolia, what I want to do is a site that shows the schedule of any ferries in the Philippines. The way I want the search to behave is first field is from (departing city), then to (destination).

I already have basic search figured out how to search a city, now I am thinking how to filter out only the cities that are going from Cebu to Manila for example, meaning if I selected Cebu in the from: field, in the to field only show me cities that have from: Cebu.

I have already worked with filters, my understanding is I could multiply Manila several times, e. g.

city: Manila
from: Cebu

city: Manila
from: Davao

The problem is this way I’d duplicate the city very often. Is there a more elegant solution out there? Is there a way to somehow declare an array in the from field? So instead I do something like:

city: Manila
from: [Cebu, Davao]

And then the filter would somehow search for this instead?