Search for multiple terms on a single attribute

Is there a way using InstantSearch or React-InstantSearch to search for all hits that match any in a set of search terms? In particular I want the user to be able to paste a string of text (think “comma-separated words”) and then get all hits where any of those words are the value of a single attribute.

For example, an attribute named color. The user will put in a search for “red, green, blue” and want all hits where the color is either red or green or blue. In our case, the number of possible entries (e.g. number of colors) is very large.

It is sort of like a facet, but rather than retrieving all facet values to display we want the user to type or paste a string of values. We certainly can inject code to split the string and pass it to an API from a hook or similar, but is this approach viable and/or pointers on how to go?

Hello there kyconnect gov@greg.fenton ,

Yes, it is possible to achieve this functionality using InstantSearch or React-InstantSearch. You can implement this by leveraging the searchFunction prop in InstantSearch to customize the search behavior.
Define a custom search function that parses the input string and constructs the search query accordingly.
Use this custom search function as the value for the searchFunction prop in your InstantSearch component.
We define a CustomSearch function that takes the input query, splits it into individual terms, and constructs a disjunctive OR query for the color attribute.
We then set this custom search function as the value for the searchFunction prop in the InstantSearch component.
Please note that you’ll need to replace placeholders such as YOUR_APP_ID, YOUR_API_KEY, and YOUR_INDEX_NAME with your actual Algolia credentials and index name. Additionally, you may need to adjust the implementation based on your specific requirements and data structure.
I hope this will help you!!