Search for results with specific word but not containing another word


I want to search for a word “Urologe” but the list needs to not include hits with words like “Neurologe”

Is there any chance like Excluding Synonyms or something like this?

Thanks for your help,


Hi @benedikt.gross,

To achieve this, you can set advancedSyntax to ‘true’ in your index. From your dashboard, this can be done on the page of the relevent index in Configuration > Search behaviour > Advanced syntax.

Then you will be able to perform queries this way: Urologe -Neurologe to exclude all the records containing neurologefrom the search results.

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Is there any chance that you implement such logic like synonyms to your API/Dashboard?

Yes, we do have a synonym feature, you can find details about it here:

You misunderstood me. I know that you have Synonyms. But I am searching like “Excluding Synonyms”

Well, sorry for misunderstanding you then :slight_smile:
But no, we don’t have such logic at the index level. Currently, in Algolia, excluding words are processed at query time, when the advancedSyntax setting I shared earlier is on.