Search for "SA-241" not showing first

We have a product that is named “SA-241”. When the user searches for “SA-241”, this doesn’t show up for 7 pages. But a product with “SA-2419-DTI-PK” shows up first.

Is there some kind of criteria we can do to set it to show the “SA-241” first?

Hi there,

Indeed, for the query SA-241, records holding exactly SA-241 or holding SA-2419-DTI-PK will be considered equal by default in Algolia because of prefix matching.

In this case, you should be able to tweak this behaviour by setting exactOnSingleWordQuery to word:

I’m surprised that the record holding exactly SA-241 would be as far as 7 pages behind though. Is the attribute holding the string SA-241 high in your list of searchable attributes? You could try to lift it higher up.
More on why the order of searchable attributes matters here:

Thanks, Marie. I’ll check it out!

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